I’m not sure what possessed me to buy these bright red jeans, but I’m in love with them. I’ve been so bored with the typical blue skinny jean, and these were the perfect addition to the collection to spice things up. The fit is perfect and the denim is so soft and stretchy, and I usually hate stretchy jeans, but I’ll make an exception for these. When they arrived I immediately tried them on and fell in love, but then I panicked because I had no idea how I wanted to style them and then later that same day this sweater arrived and I just knew they’d be perfect together. I’m not sure why, but this sweater reminds me of one of those big lollipops I used to eat when I was younger, you know the ones with all the colors in one big swirl? Anyway, I figured this would be the perfect post for today since Nashville is covered in freezing rain and snow and I’m stuck inside watching Netflix…I didn’t want to risk the chance of face planting! Stay safe today guys!

Sweater: Rebecca Taylor / Jeans: Rag & Bone / Boots: Marc Jacobs / Sunnies: Tom Ford

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